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    Add zstd decompression (RFC8478) · c9796a17
    Tim Rühsen authored
    * README.md: Mention zstandard
    * configure.ac: Check for libzstd
    * docs/wget2.md: Document new --compression type
    * include/wget/wget.h: Add wget_content_encoding_zstd
    * libwget/decompressor.c: Implement the zstd decompressor
    * libwget/http_parse.c (wget_http_parse_content_encoding): Add zstd
    * src/options.c (print_version): Add +/-zstd for --version,
      (parse_compression): Check for wget_content_encoding_zstd,
      (options): Add zstd to help text
    * src/wget.c (http_create_request): Add zstd to Accept-Encoding:
    * tests/test-compression.c: Add test for zstd
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