Release 1.99.1

GNU Wget2 Release 1.99.1 (alpha)

GNU Wget2 is the successor of GNU Wget, a file and recursive website downloader.

Designed and written from scratch it wraps around libwget, that provides the basic functions needed by a web client.

Wget2 works multi-threaded and uses many features to allow fast operation.

In many cases Wget2 downloads much faster than Wget1.x due to HTTP zlib compression, parallel connections and use of If-Modified-Since HTTP header.

GNU Wget2 is licensed under GPLv3+.

Libwget is licensed under LGPLv3+.

Noteworthy changes since the last release:

30.05.2018 Release 1.99.1 (alpha)
  * Enhance docs
  * Enhance building on many platforms
  * Enhance statistics
  * Add --http2-request-window=SIZE
  * Add --https-enforce=TYPE
  * Add --compression=TYPE
  * Add --retry-connrefused
  * Add more fuzzing
  * Add more tests
  * Add more CI testing
  * Fix bugs



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