Improved documentation on decoding flags

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......@@ -43,12 +43,19 @@
#define HAVE_TWO(x) (x>=2?1:0)
/* Decoding flags (dflags) used in several decoding functions.
* DECODE_FLAG_HAVE_TAG: The provided buffer includes a tag
* DECODE_FLAG_INDEFINITE: The provided buffer is of indefinite encoding (useful
* when no tags are present).
* DECODE_FLAG_LEVEL1: Internal flag to indicate a level of recursion for BER strings.
* DECODE_FLAG_LEVEL2: Internal flag to indicate two levels of recursion for BER strings.
* DECODE_FLAG_LEVEL3: Internal flag to indicate three levels of recursion for BER strings.
* This is the maximum levels of recursion possible to prevent stack
* exhaustion.
/* On indefinite string decoding, allow this maximum levels
* of recursion. Allowing infinite recursion, makes the BER
* decoder susceptible to stack exhaustion due to that recursion.
#define DECODE_FLAG_LEVEL1 (1<<2)
#define DECODE_FLAG_LEVEL2 (1<<3)
#define DECODE_FLAG_LEVEL3 (1<<4)
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