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Porting HPKE

Ajit Singh requested to merge peonix/gnutls:hpke-ref into ech

This merge request ports the necessary hpke files from the npocs:hpke repository and includes refactoring changes.

  • Added required files from nettle:hpke(npocs) into /lib/nettle/hpke
  • Created new files "hpke-gmp.h" and "hpke-gmp.c"
  • Replaced "gmp-glue.h" with "hpke-gmp.h"
  • Removed unused var 't' hpke-hkdf.c:54
  • Resurrected nettle-alloca.h
  • Modified hpke-hkdf.c to use "ecc_scalar_set()"
  • Modified devel/indent-gnutls to ignore nettle/hpke
Edited by Ajit Singh

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