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GnuTLS -- Information for developers
# GnuTLS -- Information for developers
This file contains instructions for developers and advanced users that
want to build from version controlled sources.
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$ sh tests/suite/testpkcs11
# Building for windows
It is recommended to cross compile using Fedora and the following
yum install -y wine mingw32-nettle mingw32-libtasn1 mingw32-gcc
and build as:
mingw32-configure --enable-local-libopts --disable-non-suiteb-curves --disable-doc --without-p11-kit
mingw32-make check
# Contributing
If you wish to contribute, you may read more about our [coding style](doc/README.CODING_STYLE).
Note that when contributing code that is not assigned to FSF, you will
need to assert that the contribution is in accordance to the "Developer's
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