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README: mention that openssl and polarssl will be used for interop testing

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......@@ -49,12 +49,20 @@ apt-get install guile-2.0-dev libtasn1-6-dev
apt-get install datefudge libidn11-dev gawk gperf
apt-get install softhsm libunbound-dev bison
You will sometimes need to install more recent versions of Automake,
Nettle, P11-kit and Autogen, which you will need to build from
sources. If your system has the recent versions, you could do:
apt-get install automake autogen nettle-dev libp11-kit-dev
For basic interoperability testing you may want to install openssl
and polarssl. The interoperability tests are run during make check.
apt-get install libpolarssl-runtime openssl
To download the version controlled sources:
$ git clone git://
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