Commit bbb2bf7b authored by Sheetal Kashid's avatar Sheetal Kashid

extra whitespaces removed and uncommented the required code

parent dfc585c8
# The Assessment script covers the following usecases :
#Usecase 1: Usecase which covers the correction of faulty iframe tags like the one with no proper ending iframe tags, no proper starting iframe tags, in the assessments.
#Usecase 2: Usecase also covers the correction of multiple faulty iframe tags in the same content.
#Usecase 3: Usecase which covers the conversion of special characters into websafe codec.
......@@ -11,11 +9,9 @@ from lxml import html
from lxml.html import tostring
import HTMLParser
# regular expression to cover the starting iframe tag with no proper ending iframe tags.
regx = re.compile("(<iframe[^>]*>(?!<\/iframe>))",re.IGNORECASE)
#based on above regular expression, In ct10,total 46 culprit iframe tags were found
all_culprit_iframes = node_collection.find({'_type':'GSystem', 'content':regx })
print "Total Objects containing Faulty Iframe Tags: ", all_culprit_iframes.count()
htmlparser = HTMLParser.HTMLParser()
......@@ -32,7 +28,7 @@ for index, each in enumerate(all_culprit_iframes, start=1):
# print content.encode("utf-8"), "\n"
# print "="*30
each.content = content
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