Commit a1d16b6a authored by Kedar Aitawdekar's avatar Kedar Aitawdekar 💻

Updated my_groups grps fetching qry

parent 7ba61fb5
......@@ -715,7 +715,7 @@ def my_groups(request, group_id,page_no=1):
exclued_from_public = ObjectId(task_gst._id)
group_cur = node_collection.find(
{'_type': "Group", 'name': {'$nin': ["home",]},"access_policy":{"$in":Access_policy},
{'_type': "Group", 'name': {'$nin': ["home",]},"access_policy":{"$in":Access_policy}, 'status': u'PUBLISHED',
'$or': [{'group_admin': int(usrid)}, {'author_set': int(usrid)}]}).sort('last_update', -1)
group_page_cur = paginator.Paginator(group_cur, page_no, GSTUDIO_NO_OF_OBJS_PP)
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