Commit 6ed8625e authored by Kedar A.'s avatar Kedar A. 💻

Added function 'restore_resources' to restore resources

parent a0b5baf4
......@@ -33,3 +33,25 @@ def delete_resource(request,group_id):
return HttpResponse("Nothing Deleted.")
return HttpResponse("Deleted Successfully")
def restore_resource(request, group_id):
# NOTE: purge of themes need to be handled differently.
# all the collection hierarchy needs to be purged in this case.
node_id = request.GET.getlist('node_id', '')[0]
if node_id:
node_to_be_restore ={'_id': ObjectId(node_id)})
# print "==========", node_to_be_restore.snapshot.keys()
if node_to_be_restore.snapshot.keys():
node_to_be_restore.group_set = [ObjectId(i) for i in node_to_be_restore.snapshot.keys()]
# print "--- ", node_to_be_restore.group_set
return HttpResponse(1)
return HttpResponse(0)
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