Commit 5900c211 authored by saurabh's avatar saurabh

get_group_name_id method imported

parent 79473b75
......@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@ from gnowsys_ndf.ndf.models import node_collection
from gnowsys_ndf.ndf.views.methods import get_node_common_fields,create_grelation_list,get_execution_time
from gnowsys_ndf.ndf.views.methods import get_node_metadata
from import create_gattribute
from gnowsys_ndf.ndf.views.methods import get_node_metadata, get_node_common_fields, create_gattribute, get_page, get_execution_time,set_all_urls,get_group_name_id
gapp_mt ={'_type': "MetaType", 'name': META_TYPE[0]})
GST_IMAGE ={'member_of': gapp_mt._id, 'name': GAPPS[3]})
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