gstudio is a node description framework (NDF) to create knowledge networks. We are recreating gnowsys-studio with mongodb as storage. This scaled up version with support for multiple projects will be used for the several OER and open courseware projects.


gstudio is an implementation of which is a Node Description Framework (NDF). It is a frame-based knowledge representation model.

The project is released under GNU AGPL v3 license.

Features of gstudio

Read the file Overview

Expected release of the version 1.0 during September - October 2016. until then enjoy the master branch (more stable) or alpha branch (less stable).

Live sites using gstudio

- (archived)

Mailing list

Join this list if you are intersted in contributing or have problems in using this application.


Please read INSTALL file for insructions on how to install. In case you face any problems please reach us through the mailing list given above. For those who are impatient, you may use a docker image.
All our developers and deployment sites use docker based installations. Ping us in the mailing list for updates on the recent Dockerfile.