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    Add Session.async_set_profile(). Issue 7782 · 27b1edfc
    George Nachman authored
    - Add Profile.local_write_only_copy
    - Add Session.async_set_profile
    - Make iTerm2 report its version to the websocket client
    - Add a capabilities check so the python library can be backward-compatible with older versions of iTerm2 by using deprecated APIs for them.
    - Add the ability to set multiple profile properties at once from Python. Deprecate the one-at-a-time API.
    - If you try to set session-specific profile values that are effectively equal to a shared profile, just switch to the shared profile. If they include a GUID matching a shared profile, switch to it and then divorce and modify.
    - Bump the min library version to 0.69
    - Improve validation of API requests to set profile properties.
    - Expose the set of non-deprecated keys from iTermProfilePreferences.
    - Remove default profile values for deprecated keys
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