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    Revamp titles in tmux integration · cdadbd0b
    George Nachman authored
    As of tmux 2.6 and later:
    - Windows have names, as always
    - Panes have titles (vended with #{pane_title})
    - Windows kind of have titles. If set-titles is on, the title is formatted by set-titles-string.
    We now use the #{pane_title} for session titles. If set-titles is on then we
    use the formatted set-titles-string for the tab title. The window title is the
    current session's title.
    In detail:
    - Add iTermTmuxOptionMonitor that can request tmux display-message either once
      or periodically for a given format.
    - Add KEY_TMUX_PANE_TITLE to hold the tmux pane title. This allows the session
      to communicate the tmux #{pane_title} to the Edit Session dialog. It's not a
      "real" preference. Its only meaning is to exist temporarily to solve this
    - Eliminate support for interpolated strings in tmux window titles. It was
      unnecessary complexity. It can be added later if anyone cares.
    - Remove iTermVariableKeySessionTmuxWindowTitle and
    - Add iTermVariableKeySessionTmuxPaneTitle.
    - When using tmux 2.6+, rename panes programatically when changing a session
      title with Edit Session. Otherwise, rename the window as before.
    - Pull the #{pane_title} periodically—on initialization, and various other
      times like when we get a control sequence that would rename a pane.
    - Load set-titles and set-titles-string on connecting to tmux to decide how
      window titles ought to work.
    - Make PTYTab add the tmux indicator ↣ to the title just before setting the
      label. It pulls the window name from the new
      iTermVariableKeyTabTmuxWindowName variable. Use that instead of the session's
    - PTYTab pulls the window title periodically, such as after creation, when we
      see a window was renamed, or when the active session changes.
    - Use the title override variable to show iTermVariableKeyTabTmuxWindowTitle as
      the tab title when set-title is on.
    - When you rename a tab with Edit Session or Edit Tab Title, rename the tmux
      window. This works because the default set-title-string includes the window
    - Change edit session to call iterm2.set_title on the session-being-edited's
      tab rather than updating the tabTitleOverrideFormat directly so it can rename
      the window when using tmux.
    - Don't crash if you call a method with a nil completion block.
    - Change the builtin session title function to prefer the tmux window name for
      window titles or the pane title for session titles.
    - Fix the data type of iTermVariableScope.tabID to be a string.
    Here are the results of my tests
                     3.2.9/2.9a       3.3/2.5          3.3/2.9a
    OSC 0            1                3                3
    OSC 2            -                -                5
    esc k            1                4                6
    Edit Session     2                4                3
    Rename window    2                4                4
    -: No effect.
    1: Session is renamed, but is not durable.
    2: All panes and tab are renamed. Durable.
    3: Rename just session. Durable.
    4: Rename tab/tmux window. Durable.
    5: Updates pane title. Durable.
    6: Causes pane title to be updated by iTerm2, but does not seem to affect tmux.
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