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......@@ -8,11 +8,11 @@ The implementation and APIs should be familiar to Scala service developers. To a
server is a nice, pre-configured typed akka plus ZIO server.
- clustering and coordination is provided by typed Akka
- effects execution using ZIO.
- simplified persistence configuration for both standalone and clustered deployment
- Easy kubernetes cluster deployments provieded by config automation, reasonable defaults, and other
aspects. In addition, the akka management tools are bundled.
- OpenAPI support provided by tapir
- both a typed akka and zio runtime are provided. Use whichever suites your domain.
- simplified persistence configuration
- simplified kubernetes cluster deployments. In addition to some custom automation, the akka
management tools are included.
- OpenAPI support (provided by tapir)
- commercial support from the [Dog Head Bone]( company
Sound good so far? Cool! Let's start with basic, interactive usage.
......@@ -64,17 +64,38 @@ Usage: glngn-server version
## Running
Let's run the server configured to store data at `./starter.state`.
Let's run the server configured to store data at `./starter.state`. In a terminal session:
$ mkdir starter.state
$ java -jar ./glngn-server-assembly.jar --port 10000 run --state-dir ./starter.state
[logging output]
INFO$ - application is listening at http://localhost:10000
For consistency with the docs, the port 10000 is requested using `--port 10000`. If this option is
not provided a free port will be selected.
not provided a free port will automatically be selected.
## Examining a Running Server
Even in this default configuration the server provides a few useful routes:
### Health
$ curl http://localhost:10000/healthz
This will always return status 200 OK if the server is able to handle requests. If there is a issue
this will not return OK.
### OpenAPI schema
$ curl http://localhost:10000/openapi.json
# Customization
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