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# Dialogs In Your App & Closing Files
## Closing the file
## Exiting the file
In order to handle closing a file we will first need to add a close file button.
### Adding the back button
// TODO: Add Glade Images
When the user wants to "exit" a file we want to send them back to the screen they started at. The best way to represent this is a back button. So let's put on in our headerbar.
And handle clicks...
<img :src="$withBase('/assets/img/back-button-1.png')" />
// TODO Source code
Once you've added the button name it `backButton`. Make sure to select `Add custom content` and put a `GtkImage` inside the open slot.
<img :src="$withBase('/assets/img/back-button-3.png')" />
Now, set the `GtkImage` `Image` property to *`Icon Name`* and select `go-previous-symbolic`.
<img :src="$withBase('/assets/img/back-button-4.png')" />
Because we want the back button all the way to the left we have to adjust the position of the buttons. Go to `Packing` and change the back button's position to `0`.
<img :src="$withBase('/assets/img/back-button-5.png')" />
Now change the open file button's position to one in `Packing`.
### And handle clicks...
In `_init()` write...
this._backButton.connect('clicked', () => {
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;log('addFileButton has been clicked.');
/* file close code*/
Now let's actually implement `/* file close code */`. We will essentially be reversing everything we did in `/* file open code */`.
`this._fileNotesTextView.set_buffer(null);` // TODO
this._fileNotesTextView.set_buffer(null); // TODO
Now we should have:
// ETC
this._backButton.connect('clicked', () => {
log('addFileButton has been clicked.');
this._fileNotesTextView.set_buffer(null); // TODO
## Ask the user if there are unsaved changes
## Asking the user if there are unsaved changes before exiting
### Creating a dialog.
### Working on it....
### Responding to the dialog.
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