Verified Commit 898238e9 authored by Sergey M.'s avatar Sergey M.
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[youtube] Restrict is_live extraction (closes #21782)

parent ce80cace
......@@ -1896,9 +1896,7 @@ class YoutubeIE(YoutubeBaseInfoExtractor):
view_count = int_or_none(video_details.get('viewCount'))
if is_live is None:
is_live = bool_or_none(dict_get(
video_details, ('isLive', 'isLiveContent'),
is_live = bool_or_none(video_details.get('isLive'))
# Check for "rental" videos
if 'ypc_video_rental_bar_text' in video_info and 'author' not in video_info:
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