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title: Giving (emacs-)purpose to i3wm (or any other tiling window manager)
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- programming
- emacs
- i3wm
- window-purpose
#+OPTIONS: ^:nil
I'll try to show you a way to have a clean environment not only with
that's perfect for multiple frames and monitors setup.
Sorry single monitor manifesto signers?
You know when you have everything setup correctly and you mess up with your configuration.
Purpose may help you with that use case of not messing up with your windows configuration
clutter your buffer and frame configuration
or even better
* dafuq's purpose?
the main motivation for purpose was to not mess up with the window layout, but it can with
briefly, you can dedicate a buffer or a buffer to a window.
just to remember, a frame is an instance, a window is a frame and a buffer is a window, kind of
picture of frames window and all of the rest
to enable it, use this
first gif is ruby purpose and magit purpose
focused on ruby and opening another magit buffer, it will open the magit buffer automatically
second gif is ruby purpose and magit is the other buffer, but it'll dedicate the window to the buffer, so the magit buffer is never surplaced
third gif is with multiple frames, dedicate window to magit buffer, guess what, it won't open because we
fourth gif is with multiple frames, but with reusable-frames, now, it'll open into the other frame
it attaches into an advice of opening into a buffer
foundation for your emacs frame
explain how window-purpose works
give the link to internals
such a nice wiki, it's worth a read
That was the foundation, but now let's make it into more interesting
# if you're curious, the implementation of buffer dedication and window dedication is like this:
* my daily workflow
alt-tab sucks, you have to see it as an enemy
enable to have multiple workspaces
if you don't use a tiling window manager, you'll be tired to press alt-tab so many times
show the desired setup
1st is primary coding
2nd is second coding
3rd is browser
4th is terminal
6th is notes
7th is magit
8th is compilation
9th is conky to show the time, memory, network and other stats
* open all frames automatically
zezin-frames variable
assign to workspaces
assign to multiple monitor as well (todo in emacs)
assign to the workspaces in i3wm
* conclusion
hope you like it
i'm using it for a couple of months and i'm enjoying a lot because it does not mess up my window configuratio
it's better for productivity
i'm a newbie in emacs lisp, feel free to give me any advices in reddit
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