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more fun -> funnier. What was I thinking?

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......@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ If, instead of ~org-html-publish-to-html~, we had specified ~org-beamer-publish-
This is a programming blog, so the way that code snippets are presented here is really important.
There are tons of methods of displaying code in a blog: with [[][Javascript]], [[][Ruby]] or [[][Github gist]].
But, with org-mode, there's a more fun way to highlight the code.
But, with org-mode, there's a funnier way to highlight the code.
With the [[][htmlize]] package and org-mode itself, it's possible to take a "snapshot" of the Emacs appearance and translate it to the browser.
Basically, htmlize converts all existing [[][Emacs faces]] into CSS properties.
  • "more fun" is actually correct. "Funnier" means entirely different, that what you are talking about is funny, laugh inducing. While I like "more fun", some people also use "funner", which is coloquial and not yet used widely in official works. But its use in a blog post should be fine. Just google "more fun grammar".. here's one of the links:

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