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segy-change: a progam to read and optionally change
the contents of segy seismic data files.
If you use this software for scientific publication, please cite:
G. Stanghellini, G. Carrara
Segy-change: The swiss army knife for the SEG-Y files
SoftwareX, Volume 6, 2017, Pages 42–47, DOI:10.1016/j.softx.2017.01.003
Copyright (C) 2016, Giuseppe Stanghellini (1), Gabriela Carrara (2).
(1) Istituto di Scienze Marine, Geologia Marina, CNR, Bologna, Italy
(2) Independent Researcher, Monte San Pietro, Italy
......@@ -27,10 +25,6 @@ Usage : segy-change [options] -f input_file [-o output_file]
-flip_endianess : Flip endianess, useful to make
the file conformant to SEGY standard.
-all : Process the whole file. If you do not use this one
you should use the '-record' and/or '-trace' switches
to set the part of the segy file that will be
-change_header_fields : Change SEGY header fields given an offset,
Use the following syntax:
......@@ -69,11 +63,12 @@ Usage : segy-change [options] -f input_file [-o output_file]
NOTE: to have the lines with the first three numbers
of a given file, execute:
segy-change -print_rec_seq_num -all -f segyfile
segy-change -print_rec_seq_num -f segyfile
you can then just add coordinates and the unit of
measure in the proper format for each line.
-do_op +|-|*|/:VAL : Do the given operation, for example to multiply all
trace values by 3.0 use: -do_op *:3.0
-debias : Subtract from each trace (MAXVAL+MINVAL)/2
-convert S|I|F|E : Convert the trace encoding to the given format, where
S: short
I: integer
......@@ -163,25 +158,25 @@ Usage : segy-change [options] -f input_file [-o output_file]
- To convert a whole file to a 4-byte ibm floating point format:
segy-change -all -f in.segy -o out.segy -convert F
segy-change -f in.segy -o out.segy -convert F
- To change the value of 'Number of samples per data trace for this reel'
into the segy header:
segy-change -all -f in.segy -o out.segy -change_header_fields 3220:S:3000
segy-change -f in.segy -o out.segy -change_header_fields 3220:S:3000
- To dump some trace fields from all the trace headers:
segy-change -all -f in.sgy -dump_trace_fields 0:I,8:I
segy-change -f in.sgy -dump_trace_fields 0:I,8:I
- To change the 'Traces per record field' into the segy header:
segy-change -all -f in.sgy -o out.sgy -change_header_fields 3212:S:3336
-traces_per_record 3336
segy-change -f in.sgy -o out.sgy -change_header_fields 3212:S:4000
-traces_per_record 4000
- To extract traces containing exactly 10000 samples:
segy-change -f in.segy -all -o out.segy -use_names
segy-change -f in.segy -o out.segy -use_names
-only_traces_with NUMBER_OF_SAMPLES_IN_THIS_TRACE:10000
- To make a postscript plot of the first two shot-gather, with 25 traces
per cm:
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