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Add process for testing renovate changes

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## Working with renovate configuration
### Testing renovate before merging
`renovate` can be run locally
Install it as a global package/command
$ npm i -g renovate
The issue is that renovate reads the config from the repository itself and it always uses default branch (`develop` for webapp). AFAIK there isn't away to point it to a different branch. There is an [issue for interactive MR for config changes]( that will remove need for this local/fork testing process.
#### Pointing renovate to your fork
git remote add myfork <url of your fork>
git push renovate-range-strategy myfork
Go to your fork's repository settings (`<myfork url>/-/settings/repository`) and set `renovate-range-strategy` as default branch.
Add `"renovateFork": true,` to your `renovate.json` and push it on top of `myfork/renovate-range-strategy` branch.
Create a token for your user and give it these scopes `api, read_user, read_repository`.
Now you can run renovate
renovate --platform gitlab --dry-run true --print-config true --token "<token>" viktomas/webapp
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