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Add debug logging for alt-click key not inserting permalink

Debug `permalink.requested`

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......@@ -59,6 +59,78 @@ Recreate your secrets using your local network IP, see
Restart the server. You should now be able to access Gitter over your local IP from other devices
## Debug logging
There are various `debug(...)` statements throughout the code that trace various functions.
If you want to see these log lines, follow the steps below:
### Backend
For the backend, set the `DEBUG` environment variable,
To show logs for everything you can use `*` [wildcards]( in the filter,
DEBUG="*" npm start
Other examples,
DEBUG="gitter:app:permissions:pre-creation:gh-repo-policy-evaluator" npm start
DEBUG="gitter:app:permissions:pre-creation:*" npm start
DEBUG="gitter:app:permissions:pre-creation*" npm start
DEBUG="gitter:app:push-notification-gateway*, gitter:app:group-creation-service*" npm start
To disable, you can set the filter to an empty string,
DEBUG="" npm start
### Windows
On Windows, the syntax to set an environment variable is a little different,
set DEBUG="gitter:app:push-notification-gateway*"&&npm start
There is also `require('gitter-web-env').logger` which gets logged to file and Kibana(Elasticsearch) in production. These messages are shown in the console/terminal though so you can see them in development.
- `logger.error(...)`
- `logger.warn(...)`
- ``
logging:level=info npm start
### Frontend
For the frontend, use `window.localStorage.debug` in the devtools console
To show logs for everything you can use `*` [wildcards]( in the filter,
window.localStorage.debug = '*';
Other examples,
window.localStorage.debug = 'app:eyeballs:detector';
window.localStorage.debug = 'app:eyeballs:*';
window.localStorage.debug = 'app:eyeballs*';
window.localStorage.debug = 'app:eyeballs:*,app:router-chat*';
To disable, you can set the filter to an empty string,
window.localStorage.debug = '';
## View `webpack` bundle visualization (webpack report)
Run the webapp with the `WEBPACK_REPORT` environment variable set to generate the HTML report
......@@ -163,6 +163,7 @@ onready(function() {
appEvents.on('permalink.requested', function(type, chat, options) {
debug('permalink.requested', type, chat, options);
if (context.inOneToOneTroupeContext()) return; // No permalinks to one-to-one chats
var url = context.troupe().get('url');
var id =;
'use strict';
const debug = require('debug-proxy')('app:chat-item-view');
const $ = require('jquery');
const _ = require('underscore');
const classnames = require('classnames');
......@@ -577,7 +578,9 @@ module.exports = (function() {
if (! return;
// Holding the Alt key down while clicking adds the permalink to the chat input
appEvents.trigger('permalink.requested', 'chat', this.model, { appendInput: !!e.altKey });
const permalinkEventAttributes = ['chat', this.model, { appendInput: !!e.altKey }];
debug('permalink.requested', ...permalinkEventAttributes);
appEvents.trigger('permalink.requested', ...permalinkEventAttributes);
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