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......@@ -75,20 +75,27 @@ Follow the instructions from
In the near future, we want to use Fastlane,
1. Bump the `CFBundleShortVersionString` version in `Gitter/Gitter-Info.plist`
1. Bump `CFBundleShortVersionString`(semver) and `CFBundleVersion`(bump by one) version in `Gitter/Gitter-Info.plist`
1. Create `Gitter/GitterSecrets-Prod.plist` just like `Gitter/GitterSecrets-Dev.plist`
- Copy the secrets from
- In the Xcode navigator tab on the left, open up the `Gitter` folder, right-click on the `Supporting Files` folder, `Add files to "Gitter"...`, and select the secret plist file,
1. Change your build target to "Generic iOS Device"
1. In the menu bar, go to **Product** -> **Archive**
1. After the build finishes, **Distribute App** and go through the flow all the way to **Upload**
1. Go to
1. Go to **TestFlight** tab on the App Store Connect site,
1. Wait for the app to process, then click on the build
1. Add some testers and kick off the review process (same flow)
### Push to production
1. Use the instructions above to upload a build (you can use the same build tested on TestFlight)
1. Go to the **App store** tab on the App Store Connect site,
1. On the left, **+ Version or platform** -> **iOS**
- There may be an existing draft release (yellow) listed just above that you can edit and use instead
1. For screenshots, see
- `.psd` files:
1. Fill out and update the rest of the info
1. Click submit for review
### Generic App Store update messages
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