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Correct position for creating symlink with web assets.

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- At a very minimum, `npm install`. You don't necessarily need to run the webapp locally and can skip the Docker stuff
1. In the [`webapp`]( project, run `stats__cube__enabled=false stats__statsd__enabled=false NODE_ENV=prod npm run build-ios-assets` (requires node 10, not later)
1. Symlink the webapp embedded build asset output to the iOS project
- macOS: `ln -s /Users/<YOUR_USERNAME>/Documents/gitlab/webapp/output/ios/www /Users/<YOUR_USERNAME>/Documents/gitlab/gitter-ios-app/Gitter/www`
- macOS: `ln -s /Users/<YOUR_USERNAME>/Documents/gitlab/webapp/output/ios/www /Users/<YOUR_USERNAME>/Documents/gitlab/gitter-ios-app/Gitter/output/ios/www`
1. Make a copy of `Gitter/GitterSecrets-Dev.plist.example` named `Gitter/GitterSecrets-Dev.plist` and follow the comment instructions inside
- You may also need to manually add this to the bundle. In the Xcode navigator tab on the left, open up the `Gitter` folder, right-click on the `Supporting Files` folder, `Add files to "Gitter"...`, and select the secret plist file,
1. Update submodules after clone: `git submodule update --init --recursive`
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