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    packfile: drop release_pack_memory() · 9827d4c1
    Jeff King authored
    Long ago, in 97bfeb34 (Release pack windows before reporting out of
    memory., 2006-12-24), we taught xmalloc() and friends to try unmapping
    pack windows when malloc() failed. It's unlikely that his helps a lot in
    practice, and it has some downsides. First, the downsides:
      1. It makes xmalloc() not thread-safe. We've worked around this in
         pack-objects.c, which installs its own locking version of the
         try_to_free_routine(). But other threaded code doesn't.
      2. It makes the system as a whole harder to reason about. Functions
         which allocate heap memory under the hood may have farther-reaching
         effects than expected.
    That might be worth the tradeoff if there's a benefit. But in practice,
    it seems unlikely. We're generally dealing with mmap'd files, so the OS
    is going to do a much better job at responding to memory pressure by
    dropping individual pages (the exception is systems with NO_MMAP, but
    even there the OS can probably respond just as well with swapping).
    So the only thing we're really freeing is address space. On 64-bit
    systems, we have plenty of that to go around. On 32-bit systems, it
    could possibly help. But around the same time we made two other changes:
    77ccc5bb (Introduce new config option for mmap limit., 2006-12-23) and
    60bb8b14 (Fully activate the sliding window pack access., 2006-12-23).
    Together that means that a 32-bit system should have no more than 256MB
    total of packed-git mmaps at one time, split between a few 32MB windows.
    It's unlikely we have any address space problems since then, but we
    don't have any data since the features were all added at the same time.
    Likewise, xmmap() will try to free memory. At first glance, it seems
    like we'd need this (when we try to mmap a new window, we might need to
    close an old one to save address space on a 32-bit system). But we're
    saved again by core.packedGitLimit: if we're going to exceed our 256MB
    limit, we'll close an existing window before we even call mmap().
    So it seems unlikely that this feature is actually doing anything
    useful. And while we don't have reports of it harming anything (probably
    because it rarely if ever kicks in), it would be nice to simplify the
    system overall. This patch drops the whole try_to_free system from
    xmalloc(), as well as the manual pack memory release in xmmap().
    Signed-off-by: default avatarJeff King <peff@peff.net>
    Signed-off-by: default avatarJunio C Hamano <gitster@pobox.com>
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