Commit ce359979 authored by Lasse Schuirmann's avatar Lasse Schuirmann

Add EE cloning

parent 3c1c8e36
The following license applies to all directories which do not have an own
LICENSE file. If a directory contains an own LICENSE file the MIT License is
not valid for that.
The MIT License (MIT)
Copyright (c) 2016 Lasse Schuirmann
declare -a plugins=(
function clone_or_pull {
if [ -d "gitmate_$1" ]; then
cd gitmate_$1
echo "Updating $1..."
git pull
cd ..
echo "Cloning $1..."
git clone$1.git gitmate_$1
echo "Be sure to have a valid GitLab SSH key for pulling the GitMate EE repositories."
cd plugins
for plugin in "${plugins[@]}"
clone_or_pull $plugin
cd ..
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