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      Simplify the project structure · f4482d2e
      Yorick Peterse authored
      This simplifies the project structure by making the following changes:
      1. The file/directory hierarchy now matches the pattern used for most
         Ruby projects. This means no more init.rb, and all code now resides
         in lib/release_tools/ instead of lib/.
      2. All classes and modules are namespaced to the ReleaseTools module,
         instead of them being defined at the top level.
      3. Dependencies are now loaded using regular require calls in
         lib/release_tools.rb, instead of relying on a mixture of require,
         require_relative, and autoload.
      4. The colorize Gem is updated to support the use of frozen strings, and
         because the used version was from 2009.
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  5. 12 Oct, 2018 2 commits
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      Use full timestamp for upstream branch name · 228436a1
      Robert Speicher authored
      Previously we only used the date in the branch name, which resulted in
      multiple branches with the same name being created throughout the day.
      In the future we'll want to start fetching pipelines for a specific ref
      to ensure that we don't automatically accept an upstream merge request
      before a pipeline has been created for it, but we can only do that if
      every upstream branch name is actually unique. Otherwise we might be
      getting pipelines for merge requests earlier that day.
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      Add a sleep before upstream approve and accept · 8544397a
      Robert Speicher authored
      Hopefully avoids an issue where the upstream MR was approved and
      accepted before Sidekiq had a chance to create a pipeline for the new
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