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    Brings back ability to do nightly builds · c2ddc011
    John Skarbek authored
    * With the recent work to rely on creating a commit to start a pipeline,
    these created a bit of havoc for nightly builds due to using the same
      * The master branch was unnecessarily updated with the versions inside
      of omnibus which is undesired
    * This commit strives to find a way to continue building nightlies from
    passing builds
    * We do this by determining if we are using an auto-deploy branch
      * if not, we'll create a temporary branch inside the dev environment
      in order to compile the frontend assets needed for the build
      * We trigger a build in omnibus using a large set of environment
      variables including:
        * all versions of gitlab components
        * setting nightly to true, allowing a package to be built
      * The trigger is set to wait 3 hours
      * After waiting we'll delete the branch as it's no longer required
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