Commit cfa27cd5 authored by Grant Young's avatar Grant Young

Further guard in git_push test

parent 88626884
......@@ -30,6 +30,10 @@ export let options = {
export let authEnvUrl = __ENV.ENVIRONMENT_URL.replace(/(^https?:\/\/)(.*)/, `$1test:${__ENV.ACCESS_TOKEN}@$2`)
export let projects = getProjects(['name', 'group', 'git_push_data']);
projects = projects.filter(project => checkProjectKeys(project['git_push_data'], ["branch_current_head_sha","branch_new_head_sha","branch_name"]));
if (projects.length == 0) fail('No projects found with required keys for test. Exiting...');
projects = prepareGitPushData(projects)
export function setup() {
......@@ -42,7 +46,6 @@ export function setup() {
// Test should only run if specified commits exist in the project
// Also disable Pipelines for the project during the test to prevent them being triggered en masse.
projects.forEach(project => {
checkProjectKeys(project['git_push_data'], ["branch_current_head_sha","branch_new_head_sha","branch_name"]);
checkCommitExists(project, project['git_push_data']['branch_current_head_sha']);
checkCommitExists(project, project['git_push_data']['branch_new_head_sha']);
updateProjectPipelinesSetting(project, "disabled");
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