Commit 3c47eb25 authored by Grant Young's avatar Grant Young

Hotfix for known issues collection

parent d9a15f50
......@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ puts "Collecting test info..."
tests = RunK6.get_tests(k6_dir: k6_dir, test_paths: ["tests"], quarantined: true, scenarios: true, unsafe: true)
tests_info = TestInfo.get_tests_info(tests)
test_types = { |test_info| test_info[:type] }.uniq
tests_with_issues = { |test_info| !test_info['issues'].nil? }
tests_with_issues = { |test_info| !test_info[:issues].nil? }
wiki_report_contents = <<~DOC
GitLab Performance Tool provides several different types of tests:
......@@ -109,7 +109,7 @@ run_time = (end_time - start_time).round(2)
puts Rainbow("All k6 tests have finished after #{run_time}s!").green
# Output known issues
tests_with_issues = TestInfo.get_tests_info(tests).select { |test_info| !test_info['issues'].nil? }
tests_with_issues = TestInfo.get_tests_info(tests).select { |test_info| !test_info[:issues].nil? }
unless tests_with_issues.empty? || ENV['GPT_SKIP_KNOWN_ISSUES'] == 'true'
puts "\n█ Known issues\n\nNote that the following endpoints below have known issues. These tests have either been run with a custom lower threshold limit applied or are quarantined until the issue is fixed:\n\n"
tp.set(:max_width, 100)
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