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Add GitLab-Mattermost OAuth2 sequence diagram

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......@@ -267,3 +267,11 @@ mattermost['gid'] = 1234
Run `sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure` for the changes to take effect.
### OAuth2 Sequence Diagram
The following image is a sequence diagram for how GitLab works as an OAuth2
provider for Mattermost. It may be useful to use this to troubleshoot errors
in getting the integration to work:
![sequence diagram](img/gitlab-mattermost.png)
msc {
# Use or mscgen to convert this into PNG
user [ label="User", textbgcolor="blue", textcolor="white" ],
mattermost [ label="Mattermost", textbgcolor="red", textcolor="white"],
gitlab [ label="GitLab", textbgcolor="indigo", textcolor="white"];
user=>mattermost [label="GET"];
mattermost note gitlab [label="Obtain access code", textcolor="green"];
mattermost=>gitlab [label="GET", textcolor="indigo"];
gitlab rbox user [label="GitLab user logs in (if necessary)"];
gitlab rbox gitlab [label="GitLab verifies client_id matches an OAuth application"];
gitlab=>user [label="GitLab asks user to authorize Mattermost OAuth app"];
user=>gitlab [label="User clicks 'Allow'"];
gitlab rbox gitlab [label="GitLab verifies redirect_uri matches list of valid URLs"];
gitlab=>user [label="302 Redirect:"];
user=>mattermost [label="GET", textcolor="red"];
mattermost note gitlab [label="Exchange access code for access token", textcolor="green"];
mattermost=>gitlab [label="POST", textcolor="indigo"];
gitlab=>gitlab [label="Doorkeeper::TokensController#create"];
gitlab=>mattermost [label="Access token", textcolor="red"];
mattermost note gitlab [label="Mattermost looks up GitLab user", textcolor="green"];
mattermost=>gitlab [label="GET", textcolor="indigo"];
gitlab=>mattermost [label="User details", textcolor="red"];
mattermost=>user [label="Mattermost/GitLab user ready"];
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