Commit 2298b26d authored by Robert Marshall's avatar Robert Marshall

GitLab-Pages can output JSON format logs

- GitLab Pages can output logs in JSON format but this is not documented
  in Omnibus. Add the proper setting information to the logging page.

Related to #4102Signed-off-by: Robert Marshall's avatarRobert Marshall <>
parent be593b04
title: GitLab-Pages can output JSON format logs
merge_request: 3288
type: other
......@@ -132,6 +132,7 @@ gitlab_shell['log_format'] = 'json'
gitlab_workhorse['log_format'] = 'json'
registry['log_formatter'] = 'json'
sidekiq['log_format'] = 'json'
gitlab_pages['log_format'] = 'json'
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