Prioritized Labels
Other Labels
  • workhorse
    Issues on both the GitLab Workhorse and GitLab CE projects
  • workflowverification
    Everything has been merged, waiting for verification after a deploy.
  • workflowvalidation backlog
    Issues in a backlog of potential validation opportunities. This label is part of the product development flow
  • workflowstart
    The entry point for workflow scoped labels. From here, Issues will either move through the validation workflow, go directly to planning and scheduling, or in certain cases, go directly to the development steps.
  • workflowstaging
    Merge request has been deployed to
  • workflowsolution validation
    Workflow label for validating that the proposed technical solution is viable.
  • workflowscheduling
    Issues that are ready for development but are not yet active (or have an associated release).
  • workflowscheduled [DEPRECATED]
    Duplicate of label "workflow::ready for development" at Please don't use.
  • workflowrefinement
    Issues that need further input from team members in order for it to be "workflow::ready for development"
  • workflowready for review
    Merge requests which are ready to be reviewed and can be reviewed by any team-member with sufficient knowledge in the given area. For reviewing the merge request just assign to yourself and remove this label.
  • workflowready for development
  • workflowready for design
    (optional) PM and Design prioritized design backlog of the next issues to be done
  • workflowproduction
    Merge request has been deployed to
  • workflowproblem validation
    Workflow label for validating if the problem is customer relevant.
  • workflowplanning breakdown
    Issues that need estimation, and possibly breaking down into further chunks to enable effective iteration.
  • workflowneeds issue review
    Product managers use this label when their issue needs to be reviewed.
  • workflowissue reviewed
    Product managers use this label when they've completed an issue peer review.
  • workflowin review
    Issues that are undergoing code review by the development team and/or undergoing design review by the UX team
  • workflowin dev
    Issues that are actively being worked on by a developer
  • workflowfeature-flagged
    Issues for features that are being enabled through a separate feature flag rollout issue