Prioritized Labels
Other Labels
  • Importer:CSV Issues
  • Importer:FogBugz
  • Importer:Phabricator
  • Importer:Manifest File
  • Importer:Gitea
  • Importer:Bitbucket Server
  • Importer:Bitbucket Cloud
  • Importer:GitHub
  • Importer:Git
  • Importer:Project Export/Import
  • Importer:Group Export/Import
  • Importer:GitLab Migration
  • apisec
    Used for issues related to the Peach API DAST or Peach Fuzzing tool
  • rapid actionreduce ci builds size
    rapid action for reducing ci builds size
  • cross-stage candidate
    Triaged issues that could be candidate issues for any groups in the Verify stage
  • JiHu contribution
    Contribution from the JiHu team
  • Community response
    Community response actions (Developer Evangelism)
  • GitLab Free
    Features or changes intended as part of GitLab Free and available to all tiers. For GitLab SaaS, corresponds to Free plans and higher.
  • eukogitlab-org
  • EffortLow