Prioritized Labels
Other Labels
  • vulnerability researchadvisory
    For tracking VR advisory (gemnasium/adbcurate) related issues
  • vulnerability researchanalyzers
    For tracking analyzer related tickets and issues
  • vulnerability researchbenchmarking
    For tracking VR benchmarking issues
  • vulnerability researchcve
    For tracking VRs CVE / CNA related issues
  • vulnerability researchdast
    For tracking VR related DAST tasks
  • vulnerability researchfuzzing
  • vulnerability researchkbs
    For tracking VR knowledge based/research tasks
  • vulnerability researchvet
    For tracking VET/CAST related tasks and information
  • web edit
    Issues related to working with files from the GitLab web interface:
  • webpack
    Issues related to webpack, webpack-dev-server, frontend dependencies, code splitting, babel, and other loaders.
  • websockets
    WebSockets is an advanced technology that makes it possible to open an interactive communication session between the user's browser and a server. Use this label for any issue that will use WebSockets in the future once GitLab makes them available.
  • wg-disaster-recovery
  • wg-internship
    Internship Working Group
  • wg-isolation
    Working Group Isolation Label
  • wg_CIQueueStability
    Issues relating to the CI Queue Stability working group
  • wg_database-scalability
  • wg_multi-large
    Working Group: Multi-Large
  • won't do
    Obsolete or deprecated issues that won't be worked on.
  • wontfix
    Issues that will be not handled
  • work breakdown structure