Prioritized Labels
Other Labels
  • CI minutes
    Issues related to counting of CI minutes and calculation of usage
  • CI permissions
    Issues related to CI_JOB_TOKEN and CI authentication.
  • CI persistence
    Issues related to Persistence (workspaces, caching). Does not include artifacts, which is its own label
  • CI rules
    Issues related to CI rules or linting
  • CI variables
    Relates to functionality surrounding pre-defined and user-defined variables available in the Build environment.
  • CI/CD Core Platform
    Issues and merge requests related to the core of GitLab CI/CD platform - pipeline configuration, pipeline creation, pipeline processing, pipeline statues, artifacts.
  • CM scorecard
    Issues related to the Category Maturity Scorecards process
  • CS Top 10 (2018CQ2)
    Customer Success (CS) Top 10 List for Product for 2018CQ2
  • CS Top 10 (2018CQ3)
    Customer Success (CS) Top 10 List for Product for 2018CQ3
  • CSAT-Priority1
    customer satisfaction priority
  • CSAT-Priority2
    customer satisfaction priority
  • CSAT-Priority3
    customer satisfaction priority
  • CSS Component
    Adding or changing a CSS component
  • CSS cleanup
    Issues related to cleaning up our CSS as part of the GitLab UI working group
  • Cannot reproduce
    Apply label to bug reports which are no longer reproducible in production. Notify requestor and close the issue.
  • Category:API
    The GitLab API enables other products and services the ability to integrate with the GitLab product. Part of the Ecosystem group under the Create stage.
  • Category:Accessibility Testing
  • Category:Activation Experiment
    Issues related to experimental features for activation
  • Category:Adoption Experiment
    Issues related to experimental features for adoption
  • Category:Advanced Deployments
    All issues and MRs related to the GitLab advanced deployments capability within devops:release