Prioritized Labels
Other Labels
  • BT-Priority3
    Business Technology: No rush to do, but please do it.
  • BT-Process
    Business Technology: Change or addition to process/operations
  • BT-Status1-Needs Review
    Business Technology: This has not been looked at yet
  • BT-Status2-Backlog
    Business Technology: This work is in the backlog and will be pulled forward when expedient
  • BT-Status3-Investigation
    Business Technology: This is being investigated
  • BT-Status4-Working
    Business Technology: This work is in progress
  • BT-Status5-Change
    Business Technology: This needs a change in order to be approved or merged
  • BT-Status6-Needs Info
    Business Technology: This has not been looked at yet
  • BT-Status7-On Hold
    Business Technology: This is on hold for a longer period of time
  • BT-Status8-Ready to Deploy
    Business Technology: This is ready to be merged or the work executed
  • BT-Status9-Denied
    Business Technology: This work is considered incomplete and won't be worked on or will not be worked on at this time.
  • Background Processing
    Issues related to Sidekiq and background job processing
  • Billing Ops Projects
  • Breakdown Sufficient
    Issues in ~"workflow::planning breakdown" that have been fully broken down and estimated.
  • Broken Pipeline
    Broken Pipeline
  • BusinessOPS
    BZO is actively involved
  • CEO Interest
    CEO Interest When you close out an issue with this label please also Slack it to #ceo
  • CI artifacts
    Issues related to GitLab CI build artifacts:
  • CI integrations
    Issues related to the using CI with specific other platforms (for example, Docker, Java, or Mobile)
  • CI jobs
    Issues related to CI jobs including the jobs page