Commit fbbe225a authored by Jacob Schatz's avatar Jacob Schatz Committed by Clement Ho

Merge branch '33676-update-ruby-metrics-endpoint-text' into 'master'

Update ruby metrics endpoint text to be clearer

See merge request !12157
parent ea46d818
......@@ -299,8 +299,9 @@
%legend Metrics - Prometheus
Setup Prometheus to measure a variety of statistics that partially overlap and complement Influx based metrics.
This setting requires a
Enable a Prometheus metrics endpoint at `#{metrics_path}` to expose a variety of statistics on the health and performance of GitLab. Additional information on authenticating and connecting to the metrics endpoint is available
= link_to 'here', admin_health_check_path
\. This setting requires a
= link_to 'restart', help_page_path('administration/restart_gitlab')
to take effect.
= link_to icon('question-circle'), help_page_path('administration/monitoring/performance/introduction')
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