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......@@ -110,8 +110,6 @@ For example, to unlink the `MyOrg` account, the following **Disconnect** button
For self-managed GitLab instances we recommend using [instance-wide SAML OmniAuth Provider](../../../integration/ This lets you take advantage of related features such as [LDAP Group Sync](../../../administration/auth/how_to_configure_ldap_gitlab_ee/, [Required groups](../../../integration/, [Admin Groups](../../../integration/, and [Auditor Groups](../../../integration/
Group SAML was designed for, but if you understand the limitations and your organization needs to be able to handle multiple SAML identity providers then it might make sense to use Group SAML anyway.
To do so you'll need to enable the `group_saml` omniauth provider. This can be done from `gitlab.rb` for omnibus installations, or [`gitlab/config/gitlab.yml`]( for source installations.
### Omnibus installations
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