Commit 279f4a1c authored by Kamil Trzciński's avatar Kamil Trzciński 🔴 Committed by Clement Ho

Merge branch 'fix/gb/remove-invalid-build-details-exposure' into 'master'

Do not expose internal artifacts hash in build entity

Closes #33605

See merge request !12124
parent 220ef24f
class BuildDetailsEntity < BuildEntity
expose :coverage, :erased_at, :duration
expose :tag_list, as: :tags
expose :user, using: UserEntity
expose :runner, using: RunnerEntity
expose :pipeline, using: PipelineEntity
expose :erased_by, if: -> (*) { build.erased? }, using: UserEntity
expose :erase_path, if: -> (*) { build.erasable? && can?(current_user, :update_build, project) } do |build|
erase_namespace_project_job_path(project.namespace, project, build)
expose :artifacts, using: BuildArtifactEntity
expose :runner, using: RunnerEntity
expose :pipeline, using: PipelineEntity
expose :merge_request, if: -> (*) { can?(current_user, :read_merge_request, build.merge_request) } do
expose :iid do |build|
......@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ describe BuildDetailsEntity do
it 'contains the needed key value pairs' do
expect(subject).to include(:coverage, :erased_at, :duration)
expect(subject).to include(:artifacts, :runner, :pipeline)
expect(subject).to include(:runner, :pipeline)
expect(subject).to include(:raw_path, :merge_request)
expect(subject).to include(:new_issue_path)
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