Commit 23dfc5d6 authored by George Koltsov's avatar George Koltsov

Add code review suggestions

parent ba429a6e
......@@ -262,17 +262,17 @@ module Gitlab
def pull_request_comment_attributes(comment)
project: project,
note: comment_note(comment),
author_id: gitlab_user_id(project,,
note: comment_note(comment),
created_at: comment.created_at,
updated_at: comment.updated_at
def comment_note(comment)
note = ''
note += @formatter.author_line( unless find_user_id(
note + comment.note
author = @formatter.author_line( unless find_user_id(
author.to_s + comment.note.to_s
def log_error(details)
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