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## Problem Statement
<!-- What is the problem we hope to validate and solve? -->
## Reach
<!-- Please describe who suffers from this problem. Consider referring to our personas, which are described at -->
<!-- Please also quantify the problem's reach using the following values, considering an aggregate across and self-managed:
10.0 = Impacts the vast majority (~80% or greater) of our users, prospects, or customers.
6.0 = Impacts a large percentage (~50% to ~80%) of the above.
3.0 = Significant reach (~25% to ~50%).
1.5 = Small reach (~5% to ~25%).
0.5 = Minimal reach (Less than ~5%). -->
## Impact
<!-- How do we positively impact the users above and GitLab's business by solving this problem? Please describe briefly, and provide a numerical assessment:
3.0 = Massive impact
2.0 = High impact
1.0 = Medium impact
0.5 = Low impact
0.25 = Minimal impact -->
## Confidence
<!-- How do we know this is a problem? Please provide and link to any supporting information (e.g. data, customer verbatims) and use this basis to provide a numerical assessment on our confidence level in this problem's severity:
100% = High confidence
80% = Medium confidence
50% = Low confidence -->
## Effort
<!-- How much effort do we think it will be to solve this problem? Please include all counterparts (Product, UX, Engineering, etc) in your assessment and quantify the number of person-months needed to dedicate to the effort.
For example, if the solution will take a product manager, designer, and engineer two weeks of effort - you may quantify this as 1.5 (based on 0.5 months x 3 people). -->
/label ~"workflow::problem backlog"
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