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    Make performance bar enabled checks consistent · f9c456bd
    Sean McGivern authored
    Previously, we called the `peek_enabled?` method like so:
        prepend_before_action :set_peek_request_id, if: :peek_enabled?
    Now we don't have a `set_peek_request_id` method, so we don't need that
    line. However, the `peek_enabled?` part had a side-effect: it would also
    populate the request store cache for whether the performance bar was
    enabled for the current request or not.
    This commit makes that side-effect explicit, and replaces all uses of
    `peek_enabled?` with the more explicit
    `Gitlab::PerformanceBar.enabled_for_request?`. There is one spec that
    still sets `SafeRequestStore[:peek_enabled]` directly, because it is
    contrasting behaviour with and without a request store enabled.
    The upshot is:
    1. We still set the value in one place. We make it more explicit that
       that's what we're doing.
    2. Reading that value uses a consistent method so it's easier to find in
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