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    Add captcha if there are multiple failed login attempts · 30e7f018
    Gosia Ksionek authored
    Add method to store session ids by ip
    Add new specs for storing session ids
    Add cleaning up records after login
    Add retrieving anonymous sessions
    Add login recaptcha setting
    Add new setting to sessions controller
    Add conditions for showing captcha
    Add sessions controller specs
    Add admin settings specs for login protection
    Add new settings to api
    Add stub to devise spec
    Add new translation key
    Add cr remarks
    Rename class call
    Add cr remarks
    Change if-clause for consistency
    Add cr remarks
    Add code review remarks
    Refactor AnonymousSession class
    Add changelog entry
    Move AnonymousSession class to lib
    Move store unauthenticated sessions to sessions controller
    Move link to recaptcha info
    Regenerate text file
    Improve copy on the spam page
    Change action filter for storing anonymous sessions
    Fix rubocop offences
    Add code review remarks
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