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    Fix plurality and capitalization mismatches in docs · 2fd2d2e5
    David Wilkins authored
    - Two references to `pipeline` in
      doc/development/testing_guide/end_to_end/index.md should have been
    When fixing those, I notice the following:
    - "Developer access" was referenced as "developer access", and it
      appears that we mostly capitalize Developer in this case
    I searched the codebase for "developer access" and found a few other
    - doc/development/documentation/workflow.md
    - doc/user/project/new_ci_build_permissions_model.md
    - doc/user/project/repository/repository_mirroring.md
    While in those files I saw a couple of instances of `user` that should
    be plural and also incorrect capitalization of "reporter access"
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