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    Make documentation linter show target path · 292c70cb
    Robert Marshall authored
    - We are seeing flaky documentation lint checks that do not always catch
      when a file inside the documentation is set with the executable bit.
      The check to find executable documents runs inside a subshell and its
      error output is not being redirected, nor would it count those errors
      when running `wc -l`. It seems implausible that we are failing to `cd`
      into the correct directory, but this is the one method I know of that
      would cause the `find` expression to fail silently in the logs. It is
      also just useful to see that yes, we are running the documentation
      linter against a reasonable directory in the logs.
    Related #28010Signed-off-by: Robert Marshall's avatarRobert Marshall <rmarshall@gitlab.com>
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