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Fix 'Open in your IDE' buttons don’t open the IDE

What does this MR do?

This MR fixes a regression where the new 'Open in your IDE' buttons don’t open VS Code.

The bug is caused by a problem during rebasing (my fault 👋 sorry!) the branch that introduced this change (see !49460 (merged)). After clicking on the button, an event is dispatched. The default event behavior, i.e. opening the associated link, is prevented by default. We want this behavior for the 'Open in your IDE' button though. During rebasing, the original prevent statement slipped back into the code, leading to the button to never open the IDE.

Related to #220957 (closed)

Screenshots (strongly suggested)


  1. Go to a project
  2. Click on the “Clone” dropdown
  3. In the “Open in your IDE” section, click on “Visual Studio Code”

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