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Resolve "Add new project template for HIPAA Audit Protocol"

Manoj M J requested to merge 13756-hipaa-audit-protocol-project-template into master

What does this MR do?

Adds HIPAA Audit Protocol template:

Issue: #13756 (closed)

  • add new template
  • test import
  • svg logo (we are using the default Tanuki logo, which already exists)
  • Make this template GitLab Ultimate only


We do not have a precedent for having project templates that have "issues" in them - till now we only have project templates that only have commit data in them.

For this template however, it is necessary that we also import the "180" issues contained inside the project with their labels.

Our rake task for project template tar file generation does not include the issue data in the project export, so I had to create this manually.

This was my process:

  1. Generate the template tar file using the command bin/rake gitlab:update_project_templates[$name] as mentioned here for the project

  2. This tar file contains only commit data, but no issue or label data.

  3. I unzip this to a new directory.

  4. I take a normal export of, and this export contains issue and label data.

  5. I copy over the issue and label data in project.json from step 4 into the project.json obtained in step 3.

  6. Once I copied over the label and issue data, I replaced the project_id info with null and author_id info with -1 everywhere (so that our template file does not contain the real ids)

  7. I created a new tar file containing the edited project.json, with rest of the files remaining the same from step 3.

  8. Tried importing this new tar file - import was successful and created the 180 issues with the correct labels.

Follow up

Created #213054 to update the rake task to include data other than just commit data.



The project created from this template also imports the issues successfully.


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