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      Merge branch 'patch-29' into 'master' · bdded17d
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      Fix spelling mistake in README.md
      See merge request !16736
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      Update README.md · ccbf4e81
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      Fix merge request redirects going to /commits page · 934eb348
      Stan Hu authored
      When a merge request is redirected to a new project, Rails attempts to
      construct the proper URL in `url_for` by finding the first route that
      matches the given parameters:
      1. `controller` -> `projects/merge_requests`
      2. `action` -> `show`
      3. `namespace_id`
      4. `project_id`
      5. `id`
      In this example, `/*namespace_id/:project_id/commits/*id` matched
      instead of `/*namespace_id/:project_id/merge_requests/:id`.
      This happens because the Rails `resources` block defines all the
      standard #index, #show, #update, etc. routes after the block runs.
      We fixed this issue by explicitly specifying the merge request #show
      as the first route.
      This is similar to #31357,
      except the solution is a bit simpler because the backend appears to set
      a `tab` query string, which allows the redirected route to end up in the
      right place. For example, visiting the old `/merge_requests/:id/commits`
      appears to cause a redirection to `/merge_requests/:id/?tab=commits`,
      which does the right thing.
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