Commit 147ad7a8 authored by Dmytro Zaporozhets's avatar Dmytro Zaporozhets

Merge branch '24818-fix-jira-favicon-link' into 'master'

Fix Jira integration favicon image with relative URL

See merge request !16802
parents 721bccd9 5ad92646
Pipeline #82966973 passed with stages
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......@@ -298,7 +298,7 @@ class JiraService < IssueTrackerService
title: title,
status: status,
icon: {
title: 'GitLab', url16x16: asset_url(Gitlab::Favicon.main, host: gitlab_config.url)
title: 'GitLab', url16x16: asset_url(Gitlab::Favicon.main, host: gitlab_config.base_url)
title: Fix Jira integration favicon image with relative URL
merge_request: 16802
type: fixed
......@@ -650,7 +650,7 @@ describe JiraService do
describe 'favicon urls', :request_store do
describe 'favicon urls' do
it 'includes the standard favicon' do
props =, url: '', title: 'title')
expect(props[:object][:icon][:url16x16]).to match %r{^http://localhost/assets/favicon(?:-\h+).png$}
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