Commit c51eae04 authored by Nicolò Maria Mezzopera's avatar Nicolò Maria Mezzopera Committed by Phil Hughes

chore: move config function to storybook and tests

- remove from index
- add it to jest_setup
- add it to manager.js
parent 53dff911
import { addons } from '@storybook/addons';
import { create } from '@storybook/theming/create';
import setConfigs from '../config';
const theme = create({
base: 'light',
......@@ -14,6 +14,16 @@ yarn add @gitlab/ui
> **Note:** Make sure to also install GitLab UI's peer dependencies. Refer to the
> [`package.json`](./package.json) for the list of peer dependencies and their expected versions.
In your main entrypoint **before** importing or using any component:
import setConfigs from '@gitlab/ui/dist/config
This will set the global configs used by GitLab UI.
Import the components as desired:
......@@ -3,11 +3,6 @@
// The line above serves as a token for rollup-plugin-replace to inject styles in production
// builds. We do this to avoid having the stylesheet included multiple times in Storybook.
// Add config files
import setConfigs from './config';
// Components
// ADD COMPONENT EXPORTS - needed for yarn generate:component. Do not remove
export { default as GlTokenSelector } from './src/components/base/token_selector/token_selector.vue';
const get = require('lodash/get');
const isString = require('lodash/isString');
const setConfigs = require('../config').default;
toHaveLoggedVueErrors(consoleSpy) {
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